When we don’t talk about species dying off,
It’s an elephant in the room
When we ignore air pollution,
It’s a haze of confusion
When we laugh and joke over a glass of wine
But never discuss the honeybees’ decline
It’s a line too fine
We need the wisdom of the owl
To stop fouling our nest
We need the ingenuity
Of Ananse
To unravel life’s mysteries
We need the kindness
Of the porpoise
To make peace in the world
We need the strength of rhinos
To avoid the fate of the dinos
When we hear the cries
We must not turn away
About the Poem:
I have a problem with new age positivity people who preach optimism, and I am often one of them.
But really people, we need to wake the fuck up, acknowledge the damage being done and come up with some massively different approaches. That’s going to take communication skills, science, compassion and urgent action. None of these are actually seen as polite in most conversations. And that’s a shame. We need to figure out how to talk about this stuff and get on with retooling our approach to the world.
An interesting, short article about apocalyptic anxiety
Will Humans Survive the Sixth Great Extinction

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