2013-04-28 11.34.06 Weight Lifting at Gaksan

Weight, weight, don’t tell me:

The magic formula is

Just steady effort?

About the poem:

I can get 38, maybe 40 reps of 20kg in now. Up from less than 10 reps a few months back. Simply through steady effort!
Now. And now. And now. My health is impacted by a million tiny choices, that I make one at a time. I like that. It means, change is always within my grasp!

I love the outdoor exercise stations that are sprinkled generously throughout South Korea. This one is mid-way up my favorite hiking trail, Gaksan, in Samcheonpo, Gyeongsangnamdo.

About the author:

Working to share ways to give up worry and enjoy life  (before ‘game over’!). Books on Amazon and Kindle!

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