November 6, 2013

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When I die
Don’t cry
Just laugh

Laugh at all the plans I laid
The mistakes I made
Let our laughter
Lilt ever after
Laugh at the games we played
The days that fade
Just laugh

When I die
Don’t cry
Just sing

Sing anything
Yell it loud
Alone or in a crowd
Bust out a tune
I’ll hear you croon
Don’t worry ’bout a thing
Just sing

When I die
Don’t cry
Just dance

Wear your sweats or your fancy pants
Jump and sway
Break it down or do ballet
Shake what your mama gave you
Remember how I love you
Spin in a trance
Just dance

Cry if you must
Cry but don’t lose trust
Cry while you laugh and sing and dance
Cry a little if you must
Then laugh and sing and dance
You must

About the poem:
We can only be devastated by death, if all along, we thought we deserved life and lots of it. If instead, we know that each and every frickin’ moment is a gift, we don’t feel ripped off when it’s over. So, when I die, don’t cry. When you die, and you see me laughing, singing and dancing, know it’s because I love you so!

About the author:
Joan writes about the simple ways you can shift your perspective to enjoy life and become a stronger force for peace in your family and your world. Buy her books on and Kindle. New book coming soon: Tasty Year: A Food Anthology

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