Poem: When I Follow Crazy

When I follow crazy
Day after day
I must eventually
Arrive there


About the poem:
It was reading Codependent No More and participating in Al-Anon where I finally realized that I can’t solve someone else’s crazy by simply nagging them about it, all the while ignoring my own life. What happens when you do that, based on my personal experience, is that you become as crazy or crazier than anyone you are trying to ‘fix’.

Guess what? Living my own life well is the best way to go. Maybe I become irresistible serenity-in-motion. The person may follow me or not… that isn’t within my control. Revolutionary news, right?! It was to me.

About the author:
Joan Gregerson blogs about inner peace, and the many instances of how to find it and soak in it.  You are cordially invited to check out my blog at blog.positiveenergyworks.com or buy my books on Amazon and Kindle.

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