Poem: When invited in

2013-10-02 Niwot Evening Bike Ride and Sunset (26)

What can change a glass
From half empty to half full?
What can conquer the pain of loss
Replacing it with sweet memories?
What can sweep regrets away
Leaving a clean heart, a fresh start?
What can dissolve resentment
Leaving only love?
Gratitude can
When invited in
Gratitude can come in
And fix it all

About the poem:
I find that when I feel whiny and complaining, I have lost touch with gratitude. It’s easy to fill your day desperately longing for some THING to make everything better. Yet, have you noticed, that two days later when you have this THING, you can still find things to ‘poor me’ about? When I feel this icky uneasiness building, I can usually remember how cool things really are in my life. My job, my bed, my blanket, my lunch, my socks, my nostrils, my fingernails. The list goes on and on.

I’m seeing this particularly now, as our family goes through the process of acknowledging the loss of a dear family member. Each person has to make their own peace with regrets, unknowns, mistakes and ‘what if’s’ and so much that can’t be changed. Switching over to sincere gratitude is the expressway to peace.

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