March 26, 2014

2013-10-02 Niwot Evening Bike Ride and Sunset (2)
When I feel anger taking hold
Stillness helps
When I feel my words becoming cold
Stillness helps
When I feel ungrateful or jealous
When I act like a know-it-all zealot
Stillness helps
When I can’t fall asleep
Stillness helps
When I’ve dug in too deep
Stillness helps
When I feel I’m off track
When I want my life back
Stillness welcomes me home

About the poem:
Can I go on a rant about stillness? Haha.
But, the thing is, I didn’t have this tool as a young person. I found it after age 40. So, if I didn’t know about it, certainly others are in the same boat. Developing the ability to add stillness to your life, means becoming the master of your own life. Now, wouldn’t that be fun?
I still think it’s funny that in the most argumentative, probably unhealthy relationship, my boyfriend suggested we learn meditation. I argued with him about its value. (Then, I went to meditation class and it changed my life!)

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