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Why do we sit home for hours
And complain about the heat
Feeling sticky and icky
Whiny and sweaty
In a don’t-get-me-started way
We are on edge all day

Yet, just minutes away
A body of saltwater is aching for us to come home
A sandy beach is aching to rub our feet

Why do we sit home and complain about the heat
When we live near the beach?

About the poem:

Complaining about the weather is a litmus test for how you view life. You chose where to live. The weather is part of that choice. Getting pissed off about the weather is a clear sign that you have left reality, and instead chosen insanity. Please come back and let’s go to the beach!


About the author:

Joan Gregerson is free, rather than right, these days. Read her books and blog if you want to learn more.

About the Author joangregerson

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