Let’s leave this place
Where we catch an hour
One droplet at a time
Where we are prisoners
Under a dripping faucet
Waiting for the next drop
Always thirsty

Let’s leave this place

Let’s go
Where we can soak in time
Where we count only
And our only hurry
Is to eat them
When they are ripe

About the poem:
Until I lived in South Korea, I’d never seen so many people living lives so fully booked with work, study and family. Their schedules leave little time for goofing around. When you’re a person that has a family value of goofing around and your friends don’t, it creates some problems! And in many cases, no amount of talking about it, can solve it. If you’ve lived your whole life with little or no free time, I guess you can’t imagine it. Me, on the other hand …I consider it a basic human right.

Am I wrong to hope that my Korean friends will leave Korea for a few months sometime to experience this? And even more, is it to much to hope that I will be there with them, to have time to hang out together when they do?

Costa Rica comes to mind…and mangoes!

About the author:
Joan Gregerson is a pro at taking time off of work, having taken multiple years off traveling in New Zealand, Australia, Latin America and just goofing around aimlessly. These gaps are the points I want to highlight, not hide, in my resume! Interested in my other random ideas? Check out my books on Kindle and Amazon


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