August 25, 2013

2013-08 Reach for the sky statue

I’d hoped someone would believe in me
But there was no one
Not even you
You! Of all people!

You don’t believe in me?!
You have no faith?
You don’t believe in my dream?
You keep giving reasons not to go for it.
You don’t think I can do it?

Oh wait, that’s me.

Holy shit!
How did I forget?
Why did I give up on myself?
Did I put my own dream on a shelf?
Oh well, now I’m awake!
That’s all it’s gonna take
I do believe in me!
If someone’s gonna make it happen
It’s gotta be me
Let me get busy

About the poem:

Some days I really want someone to just follow me around and tell me, “Good idea! Brilliant! You can do it! Fabulous!” And if I spend a lot of time whining about the fact that they are not doing that, I find I have little time to actually do what I need to do to get on with pursuing my dream.¬† I’ll notice a ‘poor me’ feeling and it just feels yucky. That’s my signal to evaluate my line of thought.

When I remember that I do believe in me, then it’s sooooo easy to get back on track. And just get on with it! When I listen to that little voice, my passion, I feel at peace and energized.

These days I’m working on updating my website to be ready to do radio interviews. You can peek now if you want, but I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

About the author:
Joan Gregerson writes books and blogs about how life is probably easier than you have been taught! A few simple strategies will help keep you out of that cycle of worry and stress, and come on over to simple contentment.

About the Author joangregerson

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