September 10, 2013

A green grassy hill
Is best
A little slope
But not too fast

A My Little Pony bike
Will do
Not too old
But not too new

Dad wrestled
The training wheels off
They didn’t want to leave

I changed my mind
No, you can do it
Undecided sigh
You got this
Running together
Awkwardly both steering
Then letting go

Pedal pedal pedal
Wobbly freedom
Soon crashes

Undecided sigh
Is it bleeding?
You’re ok
Good job
Try again?
Undecided sigh

One more time?
I’ve got your bike

Running up the hill
Me more tired than she
Smiles and visions of a second longer
Next time

Wobbly freedom
Is still freedom


About the poem:
I just remember helping my kids learn to ride the bike and that I was exhausted before they were. And at the beginning of so many skills, it’s hard to know when you’re being encouraging and when you’re an outright sadist. Mixed memories flood my mind when I think of our early attempts at sledding,ice skating, and learning to ride a bike!

I definitely learned that helping a kid learn to ride the first time on a steep road was a bad idea. Oopsy daisy

For myself, I do remember that feeling of flying and freedom from the very first time I rode my bike, without training wheels.

How about you? Do you remember learning or helping someone learn to ride a bike?

About the Author joangregerson

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