September 20, 2013


To the struggles of others
We are blind

Whoever you see
Wherever you go
What others are enduring
Ya just never know

Listen and be kind
Keep an open mind
Ya just never know

About the poem:
In the past week, I met a lot of people looking at my supercheap car for sale. The more I talked to each person, I was amazed at the life challenges these young men and women are overcoming: surviving the death of a daughter, raising a child with epilepsy, working at Burger King. leaving a job as an engineer in their homecountry to work at a car wash in the USA, and on top of that, learning a new language.

All of these people were kind to me, so it was actually easy to be kind! But it’s easy to berate others in our thinking, but we feel better when we stop ourselves from doing so, because we’re often wrong and we just never know!

I remember experiencing this at 12-step meetings, too. Those that seemed to offer the most wisdom and have the strongest presence, would slowly tell tales like the many women whose daughters died of drug overdose. Being patient and hearing what is really going on is almost always way more challenging than you imagine at first look.

About the Author joangregerson

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