Poem: Yoga Buddy

I want a yoga body
Be my yoga buddy
Good buddies
Good bodies

About the poem:
My friend in Korea said she started yoga. That inspired me! Yesterday, it was so rainy I didn’t want to walk or bike, I pulled out a yoga DVD that I’d given my daughter, that she recently gave back to me. So, I did a short 20-minute program. I reported to my friend in Korea, and the next day (today) woke up sore! My housemate found her yoga DVDs and we set up a shared space for yoga. Oh, wow, 60-minute Power Yoga by Rodney Yee. I’ll try it!, I thought. I started it, then realized I needed my yoga mat from upstairs. Then I made some tea. When I came in, the program was going and my 86-year-old mom was doing yoga with Rodney Yee, without me! We restarted the program and did the whole 60-minute thing together. Each in our own way. Honestly, I usually quit before a DVD is finished, but today we completed it together.

I guess my point is, we can all be inspirational for each other.

And if we want the benefits of a peaceful mind, and flexible, fit body, there is no limit to how many of us can be Yoga Buddies. Join us? 🙂

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