January 2, 2022

You were so kind


You were so quiet this morning when you let me sleep in

You hustled out to the chilly kitchen and made me fresh coffee

You hummed a tune as you shoveled a foot of snow off the driveway

Then cleared off my car

You cheerily drove me into town


You ran up and down

the stairs doing my laundry

You fed the kitty and scratched

That exact spot under her chin

That she loves

You were at my beck and call all day today

Responding to my slightest desire

Before I could even express it


But yet, when I was sitting

Curled up on the sofa

In the stillness

Writing tonight

As the hours wore on

When I heard one ding

Then another ding

And I cringe to admit

Even another


I ignored them

I knew it was you

I ignored you

Not like a conscious proactive ignoring

It’s just that

I forgot you existed

I forgot you were a thing

As impossible as it seems

You were so kind


The dings

The dings and the cute messages

Reminding me that you needed a little something


The dings

Reminding me

It’s time to move!

Make it count!

Get your steps in!

I heard them

I read them

I ready every one

I ignored them

I ignored you


I was one with the couch

And the fleece blanket

My fingers

Draining my head

Onto the screen


I ignored the reminders to move because

I forgot that I have a body


After all you did for me today

How could I?

You are so kind

About the Author joangregerson

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