Sleep, Baby, Sleep …lullabies and the importance of ‘calm’

2013-08-31 Sleeping Dexter Cat

I love this lullaby:

Sleep, baby, sleep
Your father tends the sheep
Your mother shakes the dreamland tree
Down falls a little dream for thee
Sleep, baby, sleep

I used to sing it to my kids when they were young, changing up the words a bit, depending on who was there: father, mother, sister. But what is great about this song is the calming effect it had on both the singer and the listener.

If you are caring for a child or animal, and if you are conscious of your role role as a calming force, things will be easier. You can help others calm down, and thus makes them feel more at ease.

“Calm” is another word for peaceful. In every role, in every action, when we take steps to be peaceful and at ease with ourselves, we are able to bring our best, and bring out the best in others.

This photo is of the cat I’m hanging out with this week. So photogenic and nap-inspiring!

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Joan Gregerson is the author of Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life, available on Amazon and Kindle.

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