October 6, 2011

I know I’m doomed anytime I go into a gas station convenience store to buy food. That’s why I use the pay-at-the-pump. But the dang card reader wasn’t reading, so I went in. $29.50 for gas and $9.23 for ‘food’.

What is it about these places that breaks down my willpower? I never buy Hostess ding-dongs at King Soopers. The Big-Grab fritos bag …does it mean the serving size or my ass? Sunflower seeds, shell on. Why? They’re a pain in the butt, a huge mess. But it seems somehow romantic or nostalgic or some other unfounded logic.  By then I’m feeling guilty. So I grab an Arizona Ice Tea. What are these things? 24 oz of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. But tea’s healthy right?

It’s too late to do anything but eat and drink it all. But I gotta think of somewhere I can stop to throw out the entire bag of evidence before I get home. I’m single, but even I won’t be able to face myself tomorrow.

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