2010-09-24 Outing with Student Family UN Memorial Cemetery 031

If you arrive in a world

That is perfect and nice

Then yes please

Follow our advice

Use our systems

Pass down our things

Climb our ladders

Wear our rings

Ask your father

What he recommends

Learn our mottos

The means justifies the ends

But if you arrive in a world

Where poverty and war are commonplace

Where people hurt the ones closest to them

And those they’ve never met

Where people destroy the very environment that sustains them

Where people are disappointed in their lives and themselves

Where people hate in the name of love

If you arrive in such a world

Please disregard

Our advice

Please throw out

The books we wrote

The books we read

The books we quote

It will be better

We might argue a bit

But be firm

We’ll get over it

If we’ve made a mess

If we’ve met our match

Just say, “Game over!”

And start from scratch

About the Author joangregerson

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