April 12, 2012

View from the 2nd Floor of the Denver Library

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty good in most areas of my life: eating, exercise, family relationships, friendships. It wasn’t always this way. On these topics, I’ve learned a lot from many programs, books, audio books and DVDs.

Right now, the area I could improve is my finances. I used to be pretty on top of this, but over the past few years, my stellar reputation with finances has been tarnished.

It’s tough to get out of a rut on your own. Think about it! If you learned these patterns from your family and friends, you’re probably not going to get out of the same habits by repeatedly talking to them.

That’s why I love the library! This week, I got Suze Orman’s DVD “Women & Money” and I’ve already picked up a few new concepts.

For one, she says, usually women care about relationships more than things. The mistake is that we treat money as a thing. But really, money is something we need to have a healthy relationship with. We should treat it like a friend. If we take care of it, it can take care of us when we need help.

Another thing that rang true for me is that women tend to be overly generous. I got into trouble with this when I first got connected to Africa. But, she says, Generosity is just one of the eight qualities of a wealthy woman. And you need to be generous to yourself too.

I want to be a wealthy woman because I want to do really big things, in many countries, throughout my life. And for that, I want money to be there to support me in those dreams.

Here are the eight qualities:

  • Harmony & Balance
  • Wisdom & Courage
  • Generosity & Happiness
  • Cleanliness & Beauty

I really appreciated learning about this because I have found each of these qualities to be extremely valuable in my life. But before I watched the video, I didn’t really connect them to my relationship with money.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, I hope you will find some inspiration and relief, quickly and easily at the library! Whether it’s a bad habit, an addiction, a compulsive behavior, or just some new aspect you want to explore, go!

Why the library and not the internet? For those aspects I’ve been doing my best to ignore, having a physical book or DVD sitting there reminds me that I do want to learn and grow in this area.

If you try it, let me know how it goes and your strategies for getting unstuck!  And, you can read more: Ch16: Get Yerself Some New Friends

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