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Why Affirmations Are Better Than Resolutions, And 3 Ways to Write Your Own

Free Training To Overcome Struggles With Food at www.FoodFreedomNaturally.com The good part of resolutions is that it’s a way to be introspective. To honestly asses what’s working and what’s not. The bad part is the word “will”. Watch this video to see how affirmations work with the subconscious more effectively than resolutions to affect real, […]

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When You Want to Change a Loved One / PsychCentral article

Yep! It’s a strange and wondrous thing to learn that you can only change yourself directly. Then, and only then, maybe someone else will change. But that’s not up to you. Now, deciding if you want to change, well that is up to you. Great article in Psych Central. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2013/12/31/when-you-want-to-change-a-loved-one/

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