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When You Want to Change a Loved One / PsychCentral article

Yep! It’s a strange and wondrous thing to learn that you can only change yourself directly. Then, and only then, maybe someone else will change. But that’s not up to you. Now, deciding if you want to change, well that is up to you. Great article in Psych Central. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2013/12/31/when-you-want-to-change-a-loved-one/

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Unhealthy Song Lyrics: Codependent, Abusive, Jealous, Needy

Codependent, jealous, violent, damaged, needy, suicidal, no boundaries …oh the messages we sing about love! Skim through the zinger lines below or listen to the Youtube playlist: Unhealthy Relationship Lyrics,  (then call your therapist): How Am I Supposed to Live Without You – Michael Bolton How am I supposed to live without you. How am I supposed to carry […]

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Tell me your favorite codependent song lyrics! Because “I need you.” “I can’t live without you.” “You make me happy.”

Codependency on a stick! Song lyrics seep in and mess with our thinking, just as easily as parent’s words. I’m working on a chapter and want to mention some of the most popular codependent song lyrics. You know, those that say that someone else or something else will make someone happy or crush them, that you can’t live without someone […]

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