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Poem: What you're wondering …a Haiku about the value of poetry

What you’re wondering What you’re pondering, writing Is enough to share About the poem: Open mic is a really thrilling experience. It’s one thing for experienced performers to get up and perform. It’s an entirely different part of the spectrum to hear someone say: Only six people have ever heard this song I wrote, that […]

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I’m Going to Hay House Writer’s Workshop! (…or H-E-L-P is not a four-letter word)

I have to admit, my ego often gets the best of me. I usually think “I’m all that!” (Just ask anyone close to me and they’ll concur.)  So, when you’re a card-carrying egotist, it’s hard to accept when “I’m NOT all that”, and what initially seems worse, that I need help. Here’s what I mean… […]

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