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Poem: Artificial Flavor NaPoWriMo #11 Easter Cookies

Hey, let’s celebrate Pass the potassium … sorbate Beyond butter and sugar too Fill up on 5 yellow, and lake 1 blue Everything’s celebrated with Soy oil that’s hydrogenated Wax of caranuba Oil of cottonseed Thiamine Lecithin And Dextin indeed! Cocoa processed with alkali Corn syrup Cornstarch My oh my! Wait, what’s the connection To […]

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Poem: Pretty Dead Peeps

Pretty in pink peeps Pretty dead peeps So cute, you can’t beat them Okay, just don’t eat them But first, don’t try them But first, don’t buy them — Our world reflects our choices. Especially as parents, choosing healthy foods and resisting the cultural pressure to buy cheap is not easy. But first, I believe… […]

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