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Poem: Oh frogs, where do you go?

As I fell asleep last night I heard your song Gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i You and your friends A thousand voices strong Gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i I woke up a bit later You sang all night long Gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i-gae-gool-i So, this afternoon I hopped on my bike I wanted to say hello But I couldn’t find you Where do you go? Do […]

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Poem: Love is the Subject

English Science Calculus Class Just An excuse. Love is the subject — About the poem: I know now that teaching is just an excuse to hang out with cool people. It’s a precious opportunity to love them and be loved. Realizing that love is a teacher’s top priority makes things richer, clearer. It’s similar to how […]

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