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Poem: Nibbled NaPoWriMo #01

seaweed folded like origami hits the spot better than salami a dollop of yogurt with pumpkin puree prevents constipation two times a day crunchy baby carrots canned green beans bright eyes, soft stool or so it seems oatmeal every meal watermelon cubes ice cubes strawberries the menu varies these are things that can be nibbled […]

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If he did come back What would Jesus eat? Would he eat sushi? bacon? meats? Would he gorge on sweets? Would he choose organic? Would GMOs make him manic? Would he shop at Whole Foods? Would he eat fried foods? How many donuts In the church basement? And what would he bring To the potluck? […]

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Poem: Pretty Dead Peeps

Pretty in pink peeps Pretty dead peeps So cute, you can’t beat them Okay, just don’t eat them But first, don’t try them But first, don’t buy them — Our world reflects our choices. Especially as parents, choosing healthy foods and resisting the cultural pressure to buy cheap is not easy. But first, I believe… […]

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