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Poem: Flying through the Night …on a B-Cycle in Denver

Pedaling my bike Sailing through pools of street light Flying through the night — About the poem: I wrote this poem in May in South Korea. But this week, riding my bike at night from Denver Botanic Gardens to my friendly Starbucks on 2nd and Fillmore in Cherry Creek, Denver, I felt the same exhilaration! […]

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Poem: Supposes …invented yoga poses! Fanciful ideas from my Korean students

The seal, the seagull The chick, the turtle The monkey, the hamster The keyhole, the vampire The apple, the  screwdriver The car, the middle finger The bear, the ruler The battleship cruiser The umbrella, the scissors The fox and praying mantis The quarter note of music The hydra and the mushroom The hula hoop, the jellyfish […]

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