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When You Want to Change a Loved One / PsychCentral article

Yep! It’s a strange and wondrous thing to learn that you can only change yourself directly. Then, and only then, maybe someone else will change. But that’s not up to you. Now, deciding if you want to change, well that is up to you. Great article in Psych Central. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2013/12/31/when-you-want-to-change-a-loved-one/

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Poem: Generally Happy

God bless you If your loved one is unhappy Generally unhappy The lonely unhappy The after-the-party unhappy The no-one-is-calling unhappy The my-life-is-hard unhappy The never-enough unhappy May you somehow overcome the exhausting focus of trying to fix that all May you find for yourself The alone-but-not-lonely peace The after-the-party gratitude The no-one-is-calling quiet contentment The […]

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Poem: Little bit of dissatisfaction

A lover’s Persistent Little bit of unhappiness Little bit of dissatisfaction Is a tiring Heavy burden For the long haul A lover’s Persistent Little bit of cheeriness Little bit of gratitude Is an inspiring Set of wings For every dream — About the poem: We all know to avoid becoming friends with someone who punches […]

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