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Maybe it’s true… The best way to be nice now is to be mean The most reassuring phone call is a quick, hollow voicemail The warmest touch to offer is the cold shoulder The best meeting to have is none at all Because When we share the details of our days When you lightly touch […]

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Upstanding Citizen

Was it only a few weeks ago, I was an upstanding citizen… And now I’m a slacker.. Today I laid in bed most the day, trying to recover from making love until 3 am I barely made it up to call into that 2 pm phone meeting Totally unprepared I ate raw cookie dough from the […]

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The urge to light up a cigarette, they say, Lasts three minutes Get through those three minutes And you’re good Is it the same way Me trying to quit you? The urge to call arises I distract myself. Three minutes later I want to call you again Oh no, I’m a chain smoker

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