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Poem: Asking for Love

Across our path Came a cat That cat, we’d never met him Idled up and sideled up Lingering and meowing That cat asked us to pet him Then he rolled over And asked for more We gladly submittted And gave a kitty massage From head to toe That cat’s not a fraidy cat That cat […]

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Poem: Losing it All …a poem of grief for L'Wren Scott

The game of lifeIs one of moneyWe do our bestAnd roll the diceSometimes winning bigSometimes losing big But it is a game EmbarrassedIn debtWanting to pay what we oweWho we oweTo make our promises goodTry as we mightThe Yes’esBecome NoMillionaire smilesDesigner stylesMay fly off the lineOr die on the vine But it is a gameAnd […]

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