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Poem: Buddha’s Birthday …a Haiku

  Three bows to Buddha Bibimbap, rice cake, melon Shady spot of peace — About the poem: Buddha’s Birthday is a national holiday in South Korea. On my day off of work, I went to a nearby Buddhist Temple, Yongunsa, here in Samcheonpo. First we visited the main prayer space, slipped off our shoes and […]

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Poem: No One to Hate …#PrayforBoston and all of us – Day 20 of NaPoWriMo

No One to Hate Setting off bombs that ruin happy celebrations? I have done that Leaving landmines in my wake, that harm innocents that follow me? I have done that Threatening to hurt if I don’t get my way? I have done that Greedily taking what wasn’t mine? I have done that Turning away instead […]

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I’m Going to Hay House Writer’s Workshop! (…or H-E-L-P is not a four-letter word)

I have to admit, my ego often gets the best of me. I usually think “I’m all that!” (Just ask anyone close to me and they’ll concur.) ┬áSo, when you’re a card-carrying egotist, it’s hard to accept when “I’m NOT all that”, and what initially seems worse, that I need help. Here’s what I mean… […]

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