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How To Overcome Struggles With Food And Control Your Weight (Free Training!)

After gaining and losing 30 pounds twice, I was depressed. I was skinny as a kid, but found myself as a fat woman. Over time though, I figured out a system. Linking spirituality, nature, inner wisdom and community, I realized that I just needed to eat the way humans have eaten for 10,000’s of years! […]

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Poem: Extr’ordinary …Haiku

Ordinary day Filled with errands, work and play Extr’ordinary — About the poem: I spent my day getting my car fixed, going to an eye doctor appointment, and getting a few things done. Seems common and nothing to notice, but because we didn’t have an inkling of concern about possible flooding today, the day was […]

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Poetry is calling! Download the free ebook Feb 1-4, and read it on your phone or computer!

Today and through February 4 (Pacific Standard Time), you can download my new poetry book for free! I hope you will try it, then let me know how it goes! Technically and what did you think of the 39 poems and 15-page commentary section. This selection is designed to delight you and heal you! (More […]

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