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Poem: Who Needs Pumpkin Pie? …a Haiku: A Simple Thanksgiving Alternative

Steamed pumpkin, so sweet Ten minutes in rice cooker Who needs pumpkin pie? — About the poem: This poem was originally written for our new book, Tasty Year (which is just being released this week on Amazon!) Today, as I was planning some food for the Thanksgiving holiday, I starting thinking Pumpkin Pie. Then, I […]

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Poem: End of the Season

The tomatoes are allĀ gone The peppers are now done The eggplant hasĀ turned to mush Now, it’s apples and radish. Beets and carrots Pumpkin and turnips And squash Spaghetti and butternut Delicata and buttercup Squash The end of the season Recipes are the reason I am awash With warm and sumptuous daydreams Of squash Haunted only […]

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