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How To Overcome Struggles With Food And Control Your Weight (Free Training!)

After gaining and losing 30 pounds twice, I was depressed. I was skinny as a kid, but found myself as a fat woman. Over time though, I figured out a system. Linking spirituality, nature, inner wisdom and community, I realized that I just needed to eat the way humans have eaten for 10,000’s of years! […]

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Video: 5 Minutes of Stillness – A simple technique

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/64707445] Need help learning to quiet your mind? Try this 5-minute technique. Use hand movements and statements that help: I am my own master. I am pure awareness. I forgive everyone and I forgive myself. I am the pure silence / Please make me silent inside / Please give me the feeling of complete […]

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Why Should I Feel Discouraged?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uatCU8QzdyA?wmode=transparent&autohide=1&egm=0&hd=1&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0&showsearch=0&w=500&h=374] Video: His Eye is on the Sparrow Why should I feel discouraged, Why should the shadows come, Why should my heart feel lonely – sung awesomely, wonderfully by the Mississippi Children’s Choir (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

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