If you bought too much crap
Take it back

If you said something mean
Take it back

If you were wrong
Take it back

Then move on
With a load
Off your back

About the poem:

The symbol shown here is the Adinkra Symbol Sankofa from Adinkra.org. The meaning of the bird looking backwards is varied, depending on the source. Here’s one from Adinkra.org: Go back and get it. It means that you need to learn from history, but it requires that you go back and do something. This is timeless advice!

Yesterday, I had a few of these opportunities! I bought twice as much stuff as I’d planned and I sent out an email to 25 people with the wrong location for an upcoming meeting. In both cases, you just take it back and move on. And in both cases, people were friendly and shared the humor.

How about you this weekend? Anything you need to take back? 🙂

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