Who are the
Masters of synchronicity
That put me in your path
That held open the window of time
Long enough for a chat
And a hug
And a minute to
Hold your grandma’s hand
While she spoke to me
So lively, so sweetly
In a language I didn’t understand
But I understood enough
To be launched
Over the wall of misunderstandings
That had been piling up
To be launched and land
Smack-dab in the middle
Of a springy trampoline of love
Then floating
On a black mat of peace.
Breathing deeply
I wonder
Who held open the window of time?

Heart-shaped Leaf 2013-06-01

About the poem:

Did anyone ever tell you in school: “Words are not all that!” Dude, I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning this to me. Love is truth, which needs no arguments to prove itself. When I feel confused with my thoughts and feel myself going crazy analyzing what was said and not said, finding that place of love (beyond words) is always the path back to peace.

I read a quote today by Byron Katie: Defense is the first act of war.   So, is withdrawing love and trying to protect boundaries the beginning of the cold war in relationships? Making that extra effort to give a hug or hold a hand is an act of peace. Meeting someone unexpectedly is often a small miracle awaiting us.

About the author:

Joan Gregerson is passionate about spreading the news that life is fun and meant to be enjoyed, and that this is always within our grasp. She writes books and blogs about this very topic for those that want to make this shift. If you have a minute, hold my hand?

About the Author joangregerson

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