After gaining and losing 30 pounds twice, I was depressed. I was skinny as a kid, but found myself as a fat woman. Over time though, I figured out a system. Linking spirituality, nature, inner wisdom and community, I realized that I just needed to eat the way humans have eaten for 10,000’s of years! I put this info together in a way that anyone can do it. You don’t have to waste decades frustrated, as I did!
My System Is called Food Freedom Naturally. And it’s Based On Six Principles Of Food Freedom in the Era of Processed Food.
You can remember these with a simple mnemonic that reminds you:
You are wise… U R WISE
Let me explain
U is for You!
Principle #1: You are wise! You are the expert on your own body. This system is not like typical diets that tell you what to eat.  To achieve food freedom, you must take responsibility for becoming the expert on your body. Start where you are right now, understand the continuum of options and decide what to do to eat healthier. You decide what’s right for you at each point in your lifetime journey.
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R is for Reverence
Principle #2: Treat food with reverence. We’ve all heard stories of how indigenous cultures have a ritual to say a blessing and even ask permission before cutting down an old tree or taking the life of an animal. That is reverence! And reverence allows us to slow down and recognize the efforts of all the people, animals, tools and elements that make each bite possible. And you’ll find it’s impossible to gorge on junk food while eating reverently! Reverence is a practice that goes way beyond a rote pre-meal prayer. Reverence elevates food to becoming part of your spiritual practice. And it recognizes nature and traditional ways as our teachers.
W is for Why
Principle #3: Focus on “Why” and “How”, then “What”. Most diets start by focusing on “what to eat”. But for lasting results, you need to be clear about “why you eat” and “how you eat”. Then, “what to eat” will follow with ease.
I is for Industrialized Food
Principle #4: Understand modern ‘food’ and food industry power. Food has changed more in the past 100 years than in the previous 10,000 years. Our ability to trust that food is generally nourishing is sadly a thing of the past. Becoming aware of food advertising, food engineering, and deceptive labeling are critical steps to being able to choose food that you can trust to be truly good for you.   
S is for Self-Mastery
Principle #5: Self-mastery is required for healthy eating and food freedom. In other times or in other countries, the culture supported healthy eating. But now, you must go out of your way, against the tide, to develop self-mastery around food. And because of the amount of food products that are heavily engineered, processed and promoted to be irresistible, we are all faced with learning how to overcome compulsive eating and food addictions.  We need to unravel our secrets, practice humility, self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance, and get support in order to break free.
Why struggle? I made this free training so you can learn how to break free!
E is for Everything and Everyone
Principle #6: We are all connected. Our food choices impact everything and everyone. With each bite, we are choosing the world we want. We are just a droplet in an ocean of humanity. Our food choices determine what happens to our global resources. For example, pesticides, topsoil degradation, ocean acidification, and decreasing fish populations affect all of us. Because we are one big family, one big organism really, we rise and fall together. Beyond our personal food freedom, we must work for nutritious food for all.
That’s it.
And no matter what diet “gurus” argue about low-fat vs high-protein, paleo vs vegan, claims about miracle powders or food tracking apps — the six principles in the program are the foundation you can count on to deliver food freedom naturally.
The problem with conventional diets is that they start too small. And as Dwight Eisenhower said, If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it.  My system uses that approach.By backing up enough to see the big picture, you’re able to navigate the details with ease.

 If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it. – Dwight Eisenhower

These six principles are what took me from beating myself up around food choices to enjoying food, and maintaining a healthy weight and healthy body for over ten years. I no longer fill my days with worries and arguments in my head about food. I don’t flinch when I see my reflection in the mirror because I know I am a masterpiece of creation. I smile at my reflection in awe of this amazing body! And I’m honored to care for it through thoughtful food and lifestyle choices.
But don’t worry, I’m not advocating a super strict approach either! You decide what you want to eat, and this system helps you develop the self-mastery to eat it!

I poured my heart and soul into this free 1-hour training! See you there…

FREE TRAINING: Watch the 1-hour video this week and start making peace with your food and yourself immediately!!

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