Poem: Stripes

What happened?
Did your mask slip?
Now your stripes
And the road stripes
Are all mixed
Blood spill
I whizzed on by
I didn’t stop then
But it’s not forgotten
I said a small prayer
I frowned a small frown
Raccoon down

Poem: I See Love

You see violence
I see love broken
You hear silence
I hear love unspoken
You see a world failing
I see a world ailing
It’s not falling apart
It’s just a big broken heart
Below and above
So near, my dear, right here
When I look around
I see a gap and love can fill it
I see a wound but love can heal it
And when I look at you
I see love

About the poem:
The best thing about this photo is that when I saw it, I pointed it out two 12-year-old boys who were impressed. How did you ever see that? How did you notice?, they asked.
I dunno! I’m an admirer of clouds. And everywhere I look, I see love!
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Poem: Dolphin Message

I saw the dolphins today

We stopped and watched

Mesmerized by their way


“You’re missing the point,”

I think I heard them say.

Then crystal clear,

“Life is play!”


“Please explain!” I begged


They shook their heads

And laughing

Swam away