Poem: Sprinkle on the Top

A grey day With grey thoughts Comes to a sudden stop The world softens As snowflakes fall A blanket of white From out of the blue Festive decorations Delivered with a flair Out of thin air Life With a sprinkle on the top

Poem: Rhymes with COVID

Where is the rhyme To lighten our time? Bison, antelope, and cattle Cloven-hoofed, hollow-horned ruminants The Roman romancer Of Metamorphoses Penned elegant elegiac verses The science fair rocket Too optimistic A slide rule When you need a calculator One quart would do But you drank two A tube on the river Went by you just …

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snowed in

Poem: Snowed In

I was so busy packing When the first flakes fell I saw the swirling flurries But I told them, go to hell Today’s my moving day I will do it, yeah man! A little snow won’t stop me I have a perfect plan But the snow kept falling And the temperatures too Oh, you won’t …

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