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Hi, I'm Joan! I invite you to look around to find books, courses, podcasts, and more. These tools are designed to help you discover how to believe in your ideas, find your voice, and become a leader in your community.

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Author, Podcaster, Consultant, REALTOR with eXp Realty

Joan's Initiatives

In addition to being the founder and CEO of Positive Energy Works, Joan has started other impactful initiatives. Check out these organizations for everything from real estate to community organizing and food freedom!

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Home is where the climate action is! Find out how to create homes that are efficient, affordable and comfortable. Want to partner on small multifamily home projects? Reach out!  

Check out the Climate Action Homes channel on YouTube


Stop feeling guilty for not making a positive environmental impact! Start a team and join the International Climate Action Challenge!

Joan is the founder and former director of Green Team Academy.


Founded in 2014 as Sustainable Revolution Longmont, now Sustainable Resilient Longmont continues to be a force in Longmont, Colorado. 


Books & Course

Climate Action Challenge

A Proven plan for launching your eco-initiative in 90 days

Tuning In to Inner Peace

the surprisingly fun way to transform your life

Tasty Year

a food anthology

With Open Arms

poetry for big love and real life

Dive In!

How do you like your empowerment? Choose one or more ways to jumpstart your creativity and leadership mojo!

1. Books

Tuning In to Inner Peace, Climate Action Challenge Book & Workbook, With Open Arms

2. Courses

Get the video course companion to the Climate Action Challenge book. 

3. Consulting

Need help taking your organization's eco-actions to the next level? Work with Joan!

4. Speaking

Joan loves speaking to and with youth, businesses, community groups! Reach out!

5. Poetry Blog

How about some poems and art to brighten your day? Check out the blog!

6. Newsletter

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About Joan & Positive Energy Works

Positive Energy Works LLC was founded in 2004 by Joan Gregerson. Now based in Denver, Colorado, the company publishes books on environmental activism, spirituality, poetry, and creativity. Consulting focuses on leadership development, as well as using her books to empower organizations and communities. 

Joan began her career as an engineer working in building energy efficiency and sustainability. She 'accidentally' started one environmental nonprofit in 2014, and followed on to start another, Green Team Academy. 

Joan facilitated the 2020 and 2021 International Climate Action Challenges. Teams from around the world demonstrated that everyday people can make a big impact fast!

She has traveled the world, as a teacher and nomad. She has made some pretty amazing guffaws in many languages and many countries. She does her best to not take herself or the imagined stresses of living too seriously. 

Her passion is helping people find ways to connect with and protect nature as a way to feel better. Discovering how to be peaceful and powerful is her key for living a life of joy, purpose, and passion. 


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