February 4, 2022

On the blacktop
Behind the two-story red brick school
Pigtails, ponytails, and bobs
White short-sleeved blouses
Red and black plaid jumpers
Knee high white cable socks
Lace-up flat canvas shoes
Two lines of look-alikes
Facing each other, facing off
Timid, demure, Catholic schoolgirls
Anxious, jittery jumping beans

The playground monitor blows the whistle

We become warriors
Sharp shooters
Agile, deft, powerful athletes
In for the kill

The school bell rings

Running, elbowing
To be first in line
Sweaty, disheveled, boisterous
Waiting for Sr. Mary Genevieve
To open the door
An energized group of schoolgirls
Walk past her in single file
Leaving the blacktop behind

About the Author joangregerson

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