April 19, 2017

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0M8pZnNlnI]
Where once a greater sage grouse grew
Now a gaggle grow
Why would a gander wander
With a group of goslings in tow
About the poem:
This weekend in the mountains in Foxton, I saw something I’ve never seen in over 40 years of visiting. Geese in the field. We usually geese in the city parks, not in the mountains. Never before.
Climate change, my brother and I agreed.
I only remember seeing the sage grouse up and close once. It was a magnificent display.
In researching the Greater Sage Grouse, a footnote on the Sage Grouse Initiative website says:

Conservation: Numbers are declining largely due to habitat loss

Meanwhile the population of the Canada Goose population has nearly doubled since 2007
Like the rest of Colorado’s population. Canada Goose population is booming.
Colorado’s human population is expected to double by 2050, but we don’t have the water to support them. The human population in Colorado hasn’t increased as much as the geese’ since 2006 but it’s still pretty incredible.
It’s outrageous to me that we are dropping humongobombs on other countries and not dealing with basic issues right in front of us. These are complicated problems that we could solve if we worked on communication skills, science and community building.
Unfortunately, there seems to be little of that going around these days.
The showmanship like that of the sage grouse though, yeah, that’s alive and well.

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