Bicycle-powered tunes
Bubbles and balloons
Strollers and babies
Neighbors and newbies
Homeless and recovering
Lovely people lovering
LED lights
Vegan bites
Bees and butterflies
On cheeks and hands
Native flowers and
Dandelion lands
Climate action
Seed starting
Sensory gardening
Kite making tables
Composting bagels
Boxes for bees
Cards for refugees
Cloth and bags
Jewels and soap
Hand-made wonders
Full of hope
Biodiversity enriches wildlife
Diversity is my rich life
I speak for the trees
And the trees speak to me
Uniting the neighbors and the nations
Protecting the EPA
This and more
Was our Earth Day
Seeds were planted
In many a heart
Every oak tree
Comes from such
A tiny start
And every forest
Is made of lots of trees
From people like us
And days like these
About the poem:
As volunteer coordinator for the Congress Park Earth Day Festival, I was over the top happy to see 300-400 people loving Mother Earth, if only for a day. I know it’s a start.

About the Author joangregerson

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