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Guest post on Mister Stewardess: Gratitude: I Love You, My Barney Rubble Feet

Growing up, when it came to physical appearance, I didn’t have self-loathing. It was more like self-nothing. Or maybe self-‘meh’-ing. Check out my guest blog post on the fabulous blog of Mister Stewardess, aka novelist Michael Thomas. Read the guest blog post here. While you’re there, check out Michael’s other blog posts and books!

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Interview on Global Freedom Network: Roy Dan Baron talks with Joan Gregerson about the International Day of Peace and how to give up worrying

What a great day! Started with a beautiful hike at Chautauqua in Boulder, Colorado. Then, I got to talk with Roy Dan Baron of Global Freedom Network about my travels in Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, Ghana and South Korea. We also talked about the book Tuning In to Inner Peace, the International Day […]

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